I started training with Mary after a lot of research into the most qualified personal trainers in my local area. I was looking for someone to motivate me to get back into a healthy lifestyle and training regime and to encourage me to stick with it over the long term. I think I made the best decision choosing Mary as it has been a very positive life-changing experience for me. Mary is full of life and vitality and a true professional and expert in her field.  

We started our training in the gym but now train online. I feel that this has been an incredibly effective and convenient way to train. The training is varied and she puts a lot of thought into each session. She knows when to challenge me to push to achieve more than I ever thought possible and importantly she keeps it light and fun. I was so out of shape and overweight when we first met but I have now lost 25 lbs in weight and I feel toned and fit and motivated to continue. As a result, my confidence has soared and I feel a real sense of accomplishment.

More recently, Mary has also been training my husband and we have joint training sessions online.  Again this has proven to be a successful way to train, especially during these challenging times. We look forward to every session and always feel amazing afterward.


"Mary has totally changed the way I work out. She has a never-ending resource of exercises that she adapts to your needs/time constraints/mood that day! She has made me enthusiastic and confident to try new equipment, and my time in the gym is so much more effective now."

—George (mom of two)