About Me


I'm a self-proclaimed health nut and lover of the outdoors, nature, art music and great food too. I'm also a mother of twins, so I truly understand the challenge of trying to find the opportunity to maximise time and energy while tackling all of the important tasks that keep us afloat! Staying healthy and strong has helped me in so many ways over the years. 

I love helping people to enjoy the effects of healthy pursuits! 


My life has several main themes to date: I have always had an obsession with creative pursuits in the arts and any realm where there is the opportunity to lose oneself in the moment... I grew up in a very creative home and have spent uncountable hours making art my life. I have a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MA from Central Saint Martins College. This is still a big part of my life...


In addition to the arts I have always spent a great deal of time outside. I love letting nature inspire movement and have found the environment in which we live shapes the way we move. Growing up in Florida and California definitely impacted my habits favorably as I enjoyed swimming and running in the most beautiful scenery. I also found that I love training with other people/friends and coaches. The structure of training seems to compliment everything else I love. 

In 2015 I had the biggest shock to my system... I had beautiful twin boys! It was simultaneously the luckiest and most challenging thing to ever happen to me. I was lucky enough to go full term and to have a healthy pregnancy almost until the end... In the last trimester I had cholestasis, a liver complication that results in extremely itchy skin. I did everything I could to naturally help my liver... eating no added fats, cutting out anything that was too hard to process, no dairy, no deadly nightshades... It was tough but it all faded into the mists of time as soon as my precious babies arrived...

The next hurdle was the recovery... I was HUUUUGE! I hadn't felt that I'd put on much extra fat, but I must have... I never weighed myself because I didn't want to fixate on weight, more how I was feeling. And I was feeling out of control and EXHAUSTED! To top it all off I had separated abdominal muscles... I still have some separation, but I have worked hard to get my core strength back and I am now pretty much uncompromised, but it wasn't easy! I sought the help of a physiotherapist who helped encourage me to not give in to negative thoughts and to put the hard work in...  Little and often is the key when getting back into shape after having a baby! 


I grew up running and swimming and have continued to love these sports. More recently and for time effectiveness and the love of feeling stronger and more scientifically results orientated, I have enjoyed making my workouts more varied comprising of: strength training elements, a variety of high intensity intervals (from sprinting, rowing, to the hiitmill and other cv machines

I am currently working as a trainer at The North London YMCA. On this site and my blog I will offer inspiration through: workouts, healthy food inspiration and other life updates. I hope there will be creative discussion and encouragement through the growing community that is Club Endorphin!


YMCA Fitness Industry Training certificate in Advanced Diploma in Personal Training (QCF)

Level 3 Advanced Trainer

Functional Training (workouts designed to support activities of daily living or sports focussed)

Running Programmes


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


Metabolic Training (short but very intense workouts for people short on time who want to train like athletes)


Nutrition Support


Boxing Padwork 


Suspension Fitness 

And combinations of all of the above and more...!