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Now Available — Online Training with Mary!

I know many people will be coming out of lockdown with varying degrees of concern about how to go forward from all of this tumultuous time! I have been lucky enough to keep training several clients over the past few months via online video platforms. We have found it quite effective actually and I have some clients who wish to continue online for the foreseeable future regardless of the pandemic... there are many advantages to training virtually: you commit no matter where you are! All you need to do is tune in! You can still communicate and enjoy one to one care! Some might even find it easier to push themselves without the distraction of having to navigate the gym environment. Training can be more creative and in some cases even more vigorous and challenging.


Basically what I’m saying is... I’m here ready to offer the best quality personalised training session ever! I have a passion for helping people achieve goals and find new heights of well-being. Please keep me in mind if you are considering trying one-to-one virtual training!


I have several offers depending on what you feel is best for you:

  • One-to-one sessions (or one household such as couples or families) for £25/hour. These sessions can be customised and defined by client’s goals.


  • If you feel like you would work better with the support of a group or are missing that interaction of being in a class, I am also offering a monthly subscription to take part in some awesome training sessions utilising minimum equipment (dumbbells and body weight) that will focus on strength and conditioning combos. All abilities will be accommodated and supported!


  • For £60/month you can take part in 2 x 60 min sessions/week. These sessions will tick all the boxes to maximise health and will be a good accompaniment to other forms of training. They will also be fun! I am currently seeking requests to join the weekly group sessions that I am proposing take place 7:30-8:30am Tuesday and Friday. If there is a demand for other days of the week or additional times I will try to accommodate that as well. Please feel free to be in touch and spread the word! The more the merrier!

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